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Information required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 can be found on our regulatory information page.

Expert Employment Solicitors does not deal with, or provide legal advice in respect of individual cases by email, and does not enter into correspondence by email that relates to individual cases.

Although the email addresses on this site cannot be used to contact individual solicitors or to obtain legal advice, any personal details that you may send us via any of these addresses will be treated as confidential by Expert Employment Solicitors and, if they are kept on file, will be covered by the provisions of the Data Protection Act. However, as the security of information sent by email cannot be guaranteed, we recommend that you do not send us any unsolicited information of a confidential or sensitive nature by email.  The information contained on this site only applies in England and Wales and is not a substitute for legal advice. If your claim has to be pursued outside the Courts of England and Wales, we cannot guarantee a no cost service because different rules apply. Each case will be reviewed on its own merits and appropriate advice will be provided before any costs are incurred.

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