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Contracts, policies, procedures - what's the point? 'Best Practice' is great but often low on the long list of priorities for small or medium-sized employers.

Let's be clear, the main focus should be your legal protection. Ask any of the employers who found themselves in employment tribunals last year. The first thing that is scrutinised is your contract of employment; followed next by your disciplinary or equal opportunities policies. We know because, as experienced solicitors, we are at those tribunals fighting for employers like you. So if you always leave these 'H.R. issues' to managers, consultants or advisers (or worse still-to chance) perhaps you should think again. They are 'legal issues' and (to answer the question) there really is no point unless they're done properly.



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    “The help that I received from EES in recent months saved my sanity and my business! My solicitor was absolutely outstanding. Her advice was clear and knowledgeable and she was of huge personal support to me and my management team. At Tribunal she handled our very complex case with expertise and authority and I could not have succeeded without her. I am now a client for life and have already recommended her to all my business associates. Excellent!” 


    Mrs J King – North-West Retail Director.